Leading in digital

West End are a trusted partner in delivering outstanding digital events. Our managers, technicians and engineers are experienced in building cutting-edge technology into events for leading digital providers and consumers.

West End has years of experience in applying cutting-edge technology to events. For a recent digital workshop in Basel for global IT specialists, we deployed iPads with more than 40 applications including medical imaging and diagnostics software, with each device individually personalised to provide a detailed guide to the three day event. We built a network across six venues and meeting spaces via 16 wi-fi arrays, connecting the client team with the technical crew, vendors and organisers, each on separate VLANs.

The stage production (including all workshops) included AirPlay access for all presenters, which allowed streaming connections from iPads to Google Glass devices. A digital ‘hands-on’ expo included iPad enclosures in kiosk mode that streamed content live to large screens, advanced touch screen presentation systems, augmented reality headsets, brainwave monitoring equipment and camera tracking applications. Speakers included leading technologists and futurologists from Apple, Philips, Coca-Cola and Reuters.

If you are a 120-year-old technology company you better be good at reinventing yourself.

Jeroen Tas, CIO Philips

Fish like shiny things, and so do we. It’s the application not the device that is important.

Kevin Flowers, VP CocaCola

Doctors will not be signing prescriptions any more... instead they will be pressing buttons and pharma companies need to make sure they are one of the buttons!

Daniel Palestrant, CEO Par8o

If eBay, Amazon and Google are interested in your business you better sit up and take notice!

Dave Smith, Head of Tech PA Consulting